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Old School Photos Below

A LONG LONG TIME ago I was the overall chairperson for the 1977 Pilipino People's Far West Convention (FWC) held at UCSD
Still involved after all those years..... On the Board of SIPA. (BTW - I met my partner in life's struggle, Roselyn Estepa, at the 1973 FWC in San Jose)

UCLA Samahang Pilipino's 25th Anniversary held May 1997 with one of the UC Regents.

Pilipino Task Force / Alay Buhay of Asians For Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M)
Johann, Jason, and Felix - USC Alumni brothers with HEART.....

San Diego International Comic Convention - 1997
Mikaela with Starship Trooper's Johnny Rico aka Casper Van Dien (in the book Johnny Rico is really a Pilipino!!!)

Lions with Past International President Kajit "KJ" Habanananda

I was My Kayumanggi Lions Club President in Sept.1997 - USA/CANADA Leadership Forum, Syracuse, N.Y.

Lions of District 4-L3 Having a LOBSTER Feast (everyday???)

My first USA/CANADA Leadership Forum - 1997

Rob Schrab the creator of SCUD - the disposable assassin
That's me and ah??? Sussudio??

Mountain Biking with my pal Ray during "Ride for the Wild" in Laguna

Actually this was taken BEFORE I fell down and got banged up.... first aid said I was the worst they saw that day.

STARNIGHT / STARBRIGHT - Fundraiser for Asians For Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M)
(L-R) Icy Ice, ME, Jennifer Paz, Dr. Peter Liu, Big Pete & Petey Paguyo (hula brothers)

September 22, 1996 (day before my 45th B-Day)- My Born Again Baptism

Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach (My brother George Rossi's Pool)

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