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In 2001 I rode in the Calif. AIDSRide 8 and in 2003 in the Hawaii AIDS Paradise Ride. I rode the Camp Laurel AIDS Ride for the Kids in 2004 and 2005. I'm 55 now and it's time to do more.

I'm Riding to End AIDS..... Please let me Ride for You too!

Aloha & Howdy - Friends, Family, Kasamas, Lions, Librarians, Alumni and Colleagues, ***


From June 3-9, 2007, I'm bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle 6. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike adventure from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. I've done it before and I'm doing it again. There's BIG hills, quiet valleys, flat tires, porta potties, hot days and cold mornings all along the way, but it's the AMAZING PEOPLE that make it all worth while. We'll pass school kids giving us a high-5, grandmoms throwing us kisses, and hard core Harley bikers giving us the thumbs-up. We ALL need each other and this is something small that I CAN DO for others. It's been 5 years since I first challenged myself to do this... I figured I was turning 50... I enjoyed biking.. What the Hey!!! And I DID IT! ...And again in 2003 in the Hawaii AIDS Paradise Ride. And again in 2004 & 2005 in the Camp Laurel AIDSRide for the Kids. Which brings us to 2007.

Now I've turned 55, just completed my MA and MLIS at UCLA last year, have a new career as an Information Professional aka "Librarian". My two daughters are all grown up. My eldest got married in March. My Beautiful Life Partner of 32 years, Rose, still puts up with me and keeps me focused "to do the right thing". I've put on too many pounds since my last Big Ride, and my blood pressure has gone up too. I'm still a community activist/advocate. My new life passion is to help build a Filipino American Museum & Research Library......(but that will be another fundraiser). I've got the same good old bike that has carried me since the 1980's. I'm confident that I can do the 545 miles.............. But I need your kind Help and Support.... Let me ride and represent You too!

You will be supporting the HIV/AIDS services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center & San Francisco AIDS Foundation by giving what you can. We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past. You can give with my donation form or on-line by clicking the link above.

God Bless You - Have a Wonderful Life.......... Mahalo / Salamat / Thanks, eh!

Florante Peter Ibanez -- Rider #1728

Special Thanks to My Major Sponsor: Lions Hope Foundation, Inc. - MD4 Project


Messages of Support

Jonathan Lorenzo ( (11/02/06 8:34PM):  Florante, I am very glad that I have the opportunity to support you in this cause. I wish you the very best of luck in your training. Also, please email me again as the event gets closer because I am sure I would like to donate more money.

Babs Sandeen ( (11/15/06 11:41PM):  Dear Florante,

I'm very honored to be able to support you for this cause. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

All best wishes, Babs

Johann Diel ( (3/28/07 10:34AM):  Hey Florante,

Best wishes on the training. One of these years..I plan on doing this ride as well, it such a great accomplishment to do and for the folks that it will eventually benefit what a testament to community.

Ride safe!!


Patty Chan ( (4/20/07 9:45AM):  You're my inspiration for continuing to challenge myself - first the marathon and in the future cycling. Best wishes to you on this 7 day ride!!! Congratulations on all your educational and athletic/community achievements.

Gene Directo (gmdirecto) (4/21/07 4:47PM):  Train hard! Ride hard!

Most of all, enjoy the Ride as you are doing it for a great cause!

(Keep us informed of your training schedule in your blog.)

Gary Williams ( (4/23/07 4:10PM):  Whilee I cannot ride with you this year, I will be with you in spirt. Enjoy the Ride! Gary

Aris Tagle (5/10/07 6:44PM):  Good Luck Florante!

Sam and Remie (5/15/07 5:17PM):  Keep on truck'in

gary colmenar ( (5/17/07 1:46PM):  Enjoy the ride! and Good Luck!

Corin Ramos ( (5/22/07 3:20PM):  Florante, Have a great ride, and thank you to all you do for our community!

Best, Corin Ramos

Richard Kong ( (5/22/07 4:58PM):  Florante, you are amazing! Good luck!

Abraham Ignacio ( (5/22/07 6:02PM):  Florante,

Christine and I send you best wishes on your ride. Many blessings and much love.

Abe & Christine

Lucille Rumbaoa-Torma (lucille.torma@lls.eud) (5/23/07 10:17AM):  Hi Florante! You're awesome! Best of luck. Have a great ride.

Warmest Aloha! Lucille

Brian Costello (5/24/07 1:36PM):  Good luck, Florante! Rock that ride!

Edna Flores (5/25/07 4:40PM):  Glad you can ride again Florante. See you on the road in a week or so!

Tino Andres ( (5/29/07 9:35PM):  Florante,

Ride like the wind, and many blessings as you do. For you are an inspiration to those who value your friendships, and kinships. Keep up the good work, for you shall be blessed in more ways than one. May the heavens above watch over you on your travels, and to those who journey down the road of success with you.

In Spirit,

Tino.... :)

ADISA & SAKKARA ANDERSON ( (5/29/07 11:54PM):  Wanted to be the one which pushed you over the $5,000. We'll leave that for Antonio or Marco. Ride on Brother!!!

Albert ( (5/30/07 7:49AM):  Florante, thanks for doing the ride! You are blessed! Aloha, A.R.

Jose Pacheco ( (5/30/07 4:17PM):  Hey Peter, I am so proud of you and jealous as hell that you have the endurance to take on such a challenge again and again! Damn it-buddy your 55yrs old, when are you going to act your age like me and just pedal around the neighborhood! Enjoy your advent

Ermena ( (5/30/07 7:59PM):  Aloha Florante--

Congratulations for giving yourself this personal health goal, as well as helping the world progress in these important community health and political goals.

Please pace yourselves like a very healthy, fit but aging baby boomer should -- hah!

ANd enjoy yourself there at the "paradose on earth" that Hawaii offers.

Love to Rose & the Family.

Look forward to your Filipino Museum-Library project,


Babs Sandeen (5/31/07 10:48PM):  Florante, You are an inspiration!!! Thank you!!!

Hugs, Babs

Eleanor Liwanag Sonido ( (6/13/07 1:44PM):  I am so proud to learn about you. Your projects and your endeavors. God bless you.


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In 2003 WE raised almost $5000 for the Hawaii AIDS Paradise Ride

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