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Newer Grandson!!!

Liam BaoMinh Ibanez Nguyenphuoc

arrived Friday August 12, 2011 - 10:19pm

5th Birthday was Sunday August 14, 2016


so Bike me!!!!

fpi on ALC 6 - 2007

Thanks for Helping me RIDE AGAIN in 2011 to fight AIDS

ACL-Logoclick the photo to see pictures of the RIDE June 5-11, 2011...

My recent talk on Filipino American History Month at Carson Community Center Oct. 1, 2016(pdf)

Video (mp4) on my talk on the Filipino American History Month, Oct. 23, 2010 (Text as a pdf)

Audio Mp3 podcast of Roselyn Estepa Ibanez - Keynote for City of Carson

Oct. 3, 2015 Celebration of Filipino American History Month

Article from Inquirer.Net

Photos from Oct. 3 Events in Carson

got photos? My 64th was Sept. 23rd - My 61st was celebrated at JCLC in Kansas City, MO in 2012

"Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay"

Book Project by Florante & Rose Ibanez

We researched and collected old black & white (and color) photos taken during the

1910's - 2000's of Filipino Americans living, working, serving in the cities of

Wilmington, Torrance, Gardena, Carson, San Pedro and West Long Beach.

from arcadia publishing

Cover Photo of "Shades of California" is my Mom, Laura Ines Rossi's


Mahalo / Salamat / Thanks eh...

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Here's my family photos that were selected by the Shades of LA Project of the

Los Angeles Public Library to include into their photo archives...

Here's my WEB 2.0 Sites


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Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay was  </p>
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Sorry, but I'm not related to CARMEN IBANEZ from STARSHIP TROOPERS, but according to the book her boyfriend, Johnny Rico was a Pinoy and so am I. I'm not related to the IBANEZ Guitar people either.....I heard that they (a Japanese guitar company) actually made up the "European sounding" name to sell more guitars. But enough personal stuff. You came here to see all the really cool stuff I likes to do during the few seconds of free time allowed each week when I'm NOT teaching at LMU or at community meetings or running around at work ................ so here you go: (please be patient if you gotts a SLOW connection)

About Me - the fine print

Florante Peter Ibanez has been “involved” since his early college days. At Cal State University Dominguez Hills he served as their Student Association - Director of Draft Counseling and Peace Education under their Community Services Division. He was an early participant with Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) and worked at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center in the early 1970s, helped co-found UCLA Samahang Pilipino and later graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in Comparative Cultures and also co-founded UCI Kababayan. As their representative to the Third World Student Coalition he helped push for the creation of the UCI Cross Cultural Center. While a UCI student he also became an activist of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP) who opposed the Marcos Dictatorship in the Philippines and called for social change in the U.S. Florante has been an AFSCME (AFL/CIO) labor organizer, Lions Club president, AIDSRide cyclist, musician, City of Carson Environmental Commissioner, hula dancer, computer technician, photographer, and in 2006 graduated from the UCLA Joint MLIS/MA Program in Information Science and Asian American Studies to emerge as a Librarian with a specialization in archival studies. He previously served on the board of SIPA and currently serves on the board of Fil-Am ARTS. He has worked at Loyola Law School for the past 18 years and is currently their Manager of Library Computer Services. He is also an adjunct professor of Asian Pacific American Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Florante also serves on the planning steering committee of the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC 2012) as the representative of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) where he holds office as their Vice President/President Elect. He is supported by his life partner/spouse Roselyn Estepa Ibanez and they have raised two daughters, Gabriela Ibanez Nguyenphuoc and Mikaela Estepa Ibanez.

Here's photos from my On-Line Photo Archives...(Click ME)

Let's DO IT AGAIN............. 2011 AIDS LifeCycle 10

My previous Charity AIDS Rides......
Click Me for Pictures!!! MAHALO for all your Donations!!!

In 2001 WE raised over $5400 to Ride for the California AidsRIDE 8 -

In 2003 We raised almost $5000 for the Hawaii AIDS Paradise Ride

Hawaii Paradise Ride QuickTime Thank You from my PALS! My Photos & Nancy's too!

Thanks and God Bless! - Click for 2005 Ride Pics!

In 2007 WE raised over $5500 to Ride for the AidsLifeCycle 6 -

Mahalo - Salamat - Thanks, eh! (again!)


My Student and Community Activism Memories (ppt)

Union of Democratic Filipinos

Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP)

Come Visit my Free Methodist Church in West Long Beach

Where I play Keyboards every Sunday 10am with the Worship Team

My UCLA Graduate Portfolio Page - My Current CV / Resume

2006 UCLA Campbell Student Book Collection Special Award Winner

2007 American Library Association (ALA) Panel Presentation (ppt)

(To read the script - print the ppt using the Notes Pages version.)

History, Heritage & Culture - I Serve as their Volunteer Archivist

Filipino American Library (FAL) located in Los Angeles Historical FilipinoTown

UCLA in LA Grant - Filipino American Library /Outreach & Access Via the WWW

Asians For Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M)

It's easy to become part of the national registry - Go to a drive - You could be the only match to save a life!

Hawaii and Hula

Hula Halau 'O Lilinoe a me Na Pua Me Kealoha of Carson, CA (Old Site)

Fil-Am Arts puts on the Festival of Philippines Arts & Culture (FPAC)

every Year in September (weekend following Labor Day)in San Pedro, CA.

Kayumanggi Lions Club

Serving the Los Angeles Harbor / South Bay Area

The first Filipino-American Lions Club chartered in District 4-L3 of Lions Clubs International.

Kababayan Alumni Chapter of the UC Irvine Alumni Association founded in 2001

Download Souvenir Program from 25th Anniversary (pdf)

Download Souvenir Program from the 30th Anniversary GALA (pdf)

Kababayan @ U.C. Irvine founded in 1974

Yes it's ME and TIA CARRERE!!! Click on Tia & Me for more of Tia!!!


(and more arranged by Event)

got music?

Duet by Do Ho and his daughter Hoku (mp3)

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My Pick - Happy Slip Video!

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